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Akey Nutrition Services

Akey is deeply committed to assisting customers in understanding and using nutritional technology to optimize animal performance and lower the cost of production.

All Akey nutritional recommendations are research based.

  • Nutrition Technology Company
  • Blender of VTM
  • Premixes/DrugsFeed Ingredient
  • DistributorFeed Products
  • ManufacturerContract Nutrition
  • Research Firm

In addition to Akey's own intensive research program, the Akey nutrition staff closely monitors university and private research around the world.

From this base of information, Akey provides customers with leading edge nutrition information and practical applications to cost effectively meet producer objectives.

Akey's nutrition services include diet formulation, feeding program recommendations, product line development, employee training, custom research, and technology agreements. Quality assurance, regulatory, and marketing assistance will also be provided to Akey nutritional customers. These services are already utilized by hundreds of feed manufacturers and thousands of producers in the United States and internationally.

Manufacturing Services

Akey is not a traditional feed manufacturer. Our versatile manufacturing facilities are designed to manufacture high potency, low inclusion premixes, feed-grade drugs, and specialty products used in the feed manufacturing process.

Akey manufactures milk replacers, flavors, complex pelleted prestarters, custom research diets and other products requiring specialized ingredients and manufacturing equipment. Akey's production capabilities complement the manufacturing capabilities of many Akey customers and suppliers.

Akey maintains close relationships with key vitamin, trace mineral, ingredient, and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Akey's reputation for manufacturing quality products coupled with excellent distribution and transportation resources makes Akey a reliable blender of premixes, base mixes, and feed-grade drugs. Pelleting capabilities allow products to be offered in meal, crumble and pelleted form to meet individual customer needs.

Mission Statement

Akey strives to be a respected supplier and a leader in nutrition solutions in all markets we serve.


Provide outstanding value to customers through our information, services, products and people. Our focus is on attracting and serving excellent customers and exceptional employees.

Key Business Principles:

  • Nutritionally Focused
  • Research Based
  • Customer Driven
  • Committed to Quality
  • Biblically Guided