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Akey Dairy/ Beef Nutrition

An image of Akey on farm service.The Akey Ruminant Nutrition Staff provides technical support to a large number of local and regional feed manufacturers who service the dairy and beef industry.

Akey customers are kept current on nutritional technology through training, phone consultation, on-site visits, producer meetings, along with newsletters, technical reviews and research reports.


Akey's flexibility in designing precise nutritional programs that take advantage of local feed manufacturing capabilities and locally available ingredients and commodities provides producers access to very cost effective nutrition solutions.

Akey ration balancing software includes current modeling information to allow formulation for any number of nutrient restrictions including degradable and soluble protein, amino acids, and effective fiber. Additionally, internal adjustments exist for genetics, environmental factors, feed additives, production variables, and body condition changes of the breeding herd.

An image of beef cattle eating.Akey also manufacturers and distributes a large number of nutritionally related products to the beef industry. Products include vitamin and trace mineral premixes, free-choice minerals, and a wide assortment of feed additives and specialty products.



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