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The Benefits of Creep Feeding

Weaned pigs that start on feed sooner and easier initially upon weaning will have faster growth rates and are less likely to become a fall-back, cull or a light pig at market. The economic impact of easier, better starts with weaned pigs is significant in today’s production systems. For this reason, many producers are increasing weaning age and lactation length.

The opportunity to benefit from an effective creep feeding program is greater now than in the past. Creep feeding also has been shown to improve post-weaned feed intake and gains during the first few days after weaning. This results in groups that are easier to start and can be moved quickly to less costly and less complex prestarter diets.

Because of larger litter sizes and increased competition for milk supply an effective creep feeding program can increase weaning weight.



Akey Pig Creep should be fed directly on the mat. Otherwise, a wide shallow pan is recommended, which allows piglets easy access to the feed. Pig Creep is manufactured in a meal form to prevent it from bouncing, rolling or easily being kicked off mats.