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Akey Swine Nutrition

Since 1963, Akey has maintained a commitment to serving the swine industry with excellent value, quality, and service. Thanks to the loyalty of our many customers, Akey has become a prominent supplier to the swine industry. The extensive Akey swine research program continually strives to acquire the latest technology, and to use that technology in the development of nutritional programs that will improve the efficiency of pork production in an environmentally responsible manner.

Facilities for nursery research include an ultra-modern 7,000 head SEW nursery facility. This facility enables Akey researchers to probe for today's complex production and nutritional challenges with speed and precision.Akey Grow-Finish Research focuses on determining the nutritional requirements and correct feeding strategies for today’s high lean genotypes. Akey researchers have conducted trials on multiple genetic lines to determine how producers can optimize lean gain performance and cost efficiencies within specific genetic programs. Akey works closely with universities and industry suppliers to monitor swine research activities throughout the world. In addition, the technical staff at Akey, is actively engaged in field-testing promising technology in practical farm situations.The nutritional recommendations available from Akey and through a network of affiliated feed manufacturers and distributors, incorporates proven technology for practical producer application. Producers can rely on Akey to update recommended nutritional programs as new technology is developed.

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