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Akey Swine Newsletters

June Optimizing the Relative Value of DDGS in Swine Diets
November Effects of Zinc Source and Level in Paylean

July Effect of Feed Budget and Weaning Weight on the Performance of Nursery Pigs
December Pork Fat and Iodine Value FAQs

April Evaluating Akey crumb/mash program vs. Akey pellet program vs. competitor pellet program on the performance of nursery pigs
July Performance of pigs fed diets formulated with metabolizable or net energy values for ingredients
Swine diets can be formulated on a variety of energy systems.

February Management & Nutrition Strategies to Control Feed Costs
June Phytase Update
November The use of Non-starch Polysaccharide Degrading Enzymes in Swine Diets
December Akey’s Philosophy on Validating Enzyme Product Efficacy

Issue 1  Sunglo Show Feeds
Issue 2  Management Factors that Affect Meat Quality
Issue 3  Meat and Bone Meal in Swine Diets

January  Gilt Development: Impact of Boar Exposure
February Factors that Impact Pig Behavior
March  Omega-3 Fatty Acid Nutrition and Reproduction in Sows
April  Evaluation of Zinc and Copper Levels in Nursery Feeds
May  Dietary Energy Systems: Part I
June  By-Product Ingredients for Swine Diets
July  Dietary Energy Systems: Part II
August  Split-Suckling: A Technique Designed to Reduce Preweaning Mortality
September  Akey Gro Booster in Late Starter and Early Grower Diets
October  Fat Levels in Late Starter Diets
November  ISO 9000 International Quality Standards
December  Determining the Nutritive Value of Feedstuffs: Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology

January  Snatch-and Save Baby Pig Program
February  Water-Soluble Plasma Products for Weaned Pigs
March  Effect of Sorting Method on Nursery Pig Performance
April  Value of Distillers Dried Grains in Swine Diets
May  Drinking Water Temperature for Lactating Sows
June  Strategies to Reduce the Incidence of Lightweight Pigs
July  Managing Developing Gilts from 180lb to Breeding
August  Strategies to Reduce Annual Replacement Rate of Sows
September  Molds, Mycotoxins, Grain Storage, and Swine Feed
October  Feed Cost-Control Recommendations Revisited
November  Organic Selenium in Swine Diets: Review and Discussion
December  Crystalline Amino Acid Use in Grow-Finish Diets

January  Phytase Update
March  Water Hygiene: Analysis and Troubleshooting
May  Continuing Debate: Chromium in Sow Diets
July  Update: Ideal Amino Acid Profile for Finishing Pigs

February  Paylean Supplementation of Swine Diets
April  Akey's Field Trial Experience with L-Carnitine Supplementation of Sow Diets

August  Akey's Field Trial Experience with L-Carnitine Supplementation of Boar Diets
September  Micro-Aid® for Grow-Finish Pigs

February  Nursery Feed Management for SEW Pigs

June  Lactation Feeding Strategies for High-Producing Sows
September  Product Update: Use of Chromax® in Sow Feeds
October  Dietary Fiber Use in Sow Diets: Debate and Discussion
December  Feed Cost-Control Recommendations